Project Block 2 | Welcome Tables

Greeting your Guests

Your invitations are nice and clear, you've accommodated everyone, now how will you welcome them? Is there any information guests need when they arrive?

Welcome Tables can serve a unique purpose if your venue requires that guests do a bit of walking. However, many times a Project Block 2 table can be easily merged with the Project Block 3 Gift Table... so read the assignment first and determine if you actually have two separate Projects or if they can coexist in one location.

Building your Worksheet


Find a fun image that highlights the shape you want this Project Block to take. Is it built up out of crates? Is it a folding table with a linen? Or is it a vanity with vintage suitcases? {Like the Post Image}

Find all sorts of inspiration on the Project Block 2 Pinterest Board


  • Here is where you should list all the theme decorations for how it is decorated as well as what will live on this table {Sub-Projects} Sub-Projects may include:
    • Programs become Project 2B.
    • Anything you’re collecting or making to disperse as tossers or tissues become Project 2C+ Ceremony Props and will live on Project 2 Table.
    • Favors are already Project 5 which could live here if they don’t have their own display
  • The guest book will live here. Remember, your guestbook shouldn't be elaborate, refer to Project 11.

Prior to Wedding:

Have a conversation about the blog post mentioned purpose for Welcome Tables. Decide a few things together including:

  1. THEME: Do you have a theme you want to start here? What message do you want guests to receive visually when they arrive that will set the tone for the rest of the day?
  2. TOSSERS: Do you want anything for guests to hold up, toss, blow bubbles, etc when you walk back up the aisle as Mr. & Mrs. for the first time?
    • Do guests get/need anything for the ceremony? Should you start collecting things?
  3. PROGRAM: Will there be a program? What will it say and how will it look? Will it serve another purpose like a fan or a game to pass the time?

List tasks that need to be complete before the wedding day to ensure success including:

  • Buy Guestbook
  • Write Project 2B Programs
  • Production of Project Block 2B Programs
  • Collect Project Block 2C Ceremony Props
  • Style Project for Set Up Mock Picture
  • Identify items for this project you need to rent or buy for staging: Furniture, linens, baskets, etc.

Staging Materials:

Hooray! We finally get to investigate all those amazing rental companies! Decide on your big furniture and write in the specific items used for the styling factor of this Project, the table, linen or big furniture, etc. This way the person setting it up for you {Person in Charge} will know what it is supposed to look like in the pictures.

*Are there any floral arrangements on this table? Usually, a Tossing Bouquet goes here to give it a double purpose.

Wedding Day Set Up:

Additional Projects
If there are any other Projects that need to be displayed on this Welcome Table {favors or programs are common} be sure to write in “Bring over Project 5” or something along those lines if your favors are displayed. You can also add “Project 5” to your Materials list and then mark with an X when they are bagged and ready to go!

  • Check off when the Project is Done, Packed and Ready to Go
  • Check off when this Project is loaded into a Big Day vehicle
  • Assign the Person who is setting it up for you {if different than the Person in Charge}
  • Name your Person in Charge. He or she will then take over the Worksheet and check off the remaining Wedding Day Set Up boxes as they are completed.

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