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I'm so glad you're here!

I'm also willing to bet you're ready to get started organizing your wedding. Let's get to it then and we'll get you set up for success in no time. This is your very first "Lecture" as they call it in the Teachable platform. As you progress through your GEG Experience you'll be able to revisit every lecture as often as you want {which is pretty awesome} and a major difference between the old, email version of this ECourse and this new platform.

What I'm referring to as The GEG Experience, is purely that, your time spent with me and my company. You and 1,500+ brides have now enrolled in my ultimate life Project that I've spent 5 years creating. I'm not kidding when I say I'm glad you're here, if fact, I'm honored and humbled. I know that there are hundreds of resources out there to help you plan your wedding and I am so grateful that you had the faith in GEG to invest in this ECourse. It is my mission from here on out to provide you with a complete, educational and smooth experience from start to finish.

The Entire GEG Experience includes:

  • This Teachable ECourse | on The Project Block System
  • The Project Block Workbook | Download in the next lecture
  • The Green-Eyed Girl Productions Blog | Where Project Block Educational content lives
  • Our Etsy Shop | The Vintage Event
  • The I'm Engaged Ecourse | which you should take now!

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Now let's dive into the first video {you'll be seeing my face a lot} on why the Project Block System exists...

This first Post is an Introduction of me, Kandice Kelso, Owner at Green-Eyed Girl Productions and engineer of The Project Block System. I want you to know how I got here, teaching you all about wedding planning and why I created this System.

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Now that you know all about me, next on the tour we have The Project Block System itself. This is the "big deal" we're all here to learn about and go through. If you have not yet read the main blog post about the Project Block System you'll do that now.

Read | Wedding Planning with The Project Block System

But, if you're already up to speed on what it is exactly that you've signed up for, you'll begin in the next Lecture when you print out your entire Workbook.

This Teachable ECourse you're now enrolled in has been a long-time coming. The Project Block System began more than 5 years ago when I was planning my own wedding and has taken several forms. We began with just the worksheets, {which looked much different than they do now}. then came the blog posts for each one. Eventually I took the System onto a service called MailChimp and built it into it's first Online Wedding Planning Experience. You would sign up to receive a scheduled email once per week which you then had to store in your inbox to reference over and over again. Some of you may have come over from the original ECourse that was on MailChimp.

You'll quickly discover that the new, Teachable version is much more comprehensive and easier to navigate. With the new platform you can access each Project Block Assignment whenever you want and you do not have to wait for your next email to progress. You can go at your own speed and plan your wedding as quickly or leisurely as you like!

Now let's see The Project Block System in Action... Next on the Tour we're sharing how all the pieces of the Workbook come together on your wedding day.

Let's see what The Project Block System is really going to do for you and your wedding day.

This next post explains a situation I'm sure you all know too well from a friend's wedding you helped with in the past. It then explains how my Brides are using the System and Workbook to solve this common problem.

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This is the "Big Picture" post we could say. This is the process that I'm going to help you get through so that you don't have a nightmare story to tell, but instead one of smooth, efficient, and relaxing wedding planning.

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