Project Block 4A | Wedding Ceremony Structure

What Matters Most

This is the ultimate reason we're planning this wedding after all... You're inviting people to come witness you two tie the knot. As it should be, this Project Block is a bit more in depth than most. We're going to break it down into 4 Sub-Projects: 4A, 4B, 4C, 4D

First, we'll walk you through the structure of Wedding Aisles and Altars... and how to build it.

Building your Worksheet


Find a specific image showcasing the whole aisle view so that you know the shape you want. Check out our Project Block 4 Pinterest Board for some unique ideas!


It is time to count your chairs! Yes, I know you don't quite know yet exactly how many guests are coming, but you DO know how many people will be in your first front rows: Family! I'm sure you know who you want in your first few rows too, especially the front row. Then, over reserve rental chairs in case a majority of your guest list attends. It is much easier to decrease rented chairs then it is to find more and patch-work rental companies.

Possible ingredients for this Project Block include:

  • Ceremony Chairs/Seating
  • Reserved Row Signage
  • Pew Bows/Sheppard Hooks, Mason Jars, Floral Arrangements
  • Aisle Runner
  • Aisle Entry Decor
  • Seating Signage
  • Flower Girl Baskets
  • Ring Bearer Pillow{s}
  • Cute kids' signage to hold
  • Remember to add in rose petals for the flower girl baskets too!

Prior to Wedding:

  1. FRONT ROW CROWD: Identify who is in your front row crowd. Look at your guest list and itemize them out. Do a head count per side of the aisle. Identify the couples. Usually, people will sit in pairs so you’ll want to do an even number.
    1. Reserve Ceremony Seating- Do you need signs?
    1. Assign Front Row- Do you need Usher Cards?
  2. DRAFT: Sketch out a draft of your aisle and divide your math among the sides. Do you get more seats on your side or does your fiance? Or are the sides open behind the front rows? That is an option too. Finalize and tell your venue how you would like it set up {if they do that} then call your rental company and reserve enough seats.
  3. FLORIST: Pull out some Pinterest Pins of an aisle you like and paste it onto your Project 4 Worksheet. This way you know it is done the way you expect when you arrive. Update your florist on any items you need for P4 including potential:
    1. Pew Bows
    2. Aisle Arrangements
    3. Bulk Flower Girl Petals
    4. Altar Arrangements
    5. Swags or Greenery Garlands

Staging Materials:

From your Ingredients list write in the specific items used for the styling factor of this Project, such as string line and measuring tape for a straight aisle and wedges that might be needed to level seating or cover hay bales. Think through the mechanics of setting up your chairs and aisle and all the tools you may need.

Wedding Day Set Up:

You will want to attach your Rental Company Contract to this Project Block Worksheet and note the delivery times for the chairs. You will also want to select an entire crew to set up chairs, not just one person. If you can, I highly recommend setting them up the night before when you have a lot of people there for rehearsal to help.

  • Check off when the Project is Done, Packed and Ready to Go {Chairs reserved}
  • Check off when this Project is loaded into a Big Day vehicle {anything not being delivered}
  • Assign the Person who is setting it up for you {if different than the Person in Charge}
  • Name your Person in Charge. He or she will then take over the Worksheet and check off the remaining Wedding Day Set Up boxes as they are completed.

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